Commercial & Industrial Solar Energy Solutions for Property Owners

Commercial business property owners look to solar for a variety of reasons: to lower operating costs, increase efficiency, energy reliance, building expense reduction, corporate sustainability, and supply chain requirements.
Our commercial solar solutions provide complete renewable energy systems for commercial clients. Solar power for businesses and other commercial property owners can be particularly beneficial since peak electricity billing demand periods often overlap with peak solar energy production hours. Typically Commercial & Industrial solar energy projects can reach up to several megawatts (MW) of solar capacity. The size of the solar power system for these types of projects depends on the electricity needs of the company or facility.

Our solar energy experts and engineers have developed solar power systems for a variety of commercial properties, businesses, and municipal facilities. Current federal government and utility incentives, combined with bonus depreciation have accelerated the return on investment for switching to solar.

Cost Savings

Using Solar energy costs less than traditional utility power. While utility prices have steadily risen nearly 3% per year over the last decade, the cost of solar has gone down substantially. For companies and building owners who are interested in cutting their energy costs, the economics of using solar is very advantageous as solar provides both immediate and long-term cost savings over traditional utility power. By switching to solar you gain energy independence and hedge against future electricity rate hikes. With solar, energy prices are predictable over the system’s 30-year lifespan. Which can help commercial property owners invest the savings into other capital expenditures.

Solar Tax Advantages and Financial Incentives

Currently, federal tax policy is extremely favorable for commercial businesses choosing solar. In 2022, businesses investing in solar can receive a tax credit equal to 30% of their solar project costs. Local grant opportunities are also readily available in many states, and Sunlight’s energy professionals assist clients to maximize these financial incentives. When you combine these lower project costs with energy savings and flexible financing solutions, this can allow most properties to break even within five to ten years. After the system costs have been recouped, the electricity generated by the solar power system is at no cost. Based on your location and business type we can identify applicable utility, state, and local incentives.


As awareness and concern for climate change continue to grow, businesses are under greater scrutiny for their environmental impact. Many customers prefer doing business with a sustainability-minded company. Going green is in vogue. Reducing your business’s carbon footprint gives your company an environmentally responsible image, and can use for sustainability marketing purposes via press coverage, video, social media, in-person events, and other channels.

How To Finance

Solar is a very attractive investment for businesses, and customers now have a variety of ways to affordably finance a commercial solar installation. Commercial, Industrial, and nonprofits have many options to finance their projects. One size does not fit all, and all financing options are not the same.

Financial incentives provided by federal and state agencies provide an important benefit to businesses choosing solar. These solar incentives can reduce solar project costs significantly.

For many businesses, the remaining investment is typically financed with a combination of cash and debt that allows a customer to be cash-flow positive quickly.
Alternatively, organizations can implement solar without disrupting capital or taking on additional debt. Investor-owned financing is available to serve those customers.
Sunlight works with customers to help them understand the differences and unique benefits of each of the typical solar financing options:

Solar Energy Options for Commercial Applications

Our commercial and utility-scale solar solutions are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and we can offer a variety of solutions to achieve the business’s goals. For example, installing solar panels on a roof can convert wasted space into a working asset. Solar could also be an opportunity to provide cover over your parking spaces. Or does building an atrium that generates power sound advantageous? Are you wasting land that has been labeled a brownfield site?

Rooftop Solar Systems

Transform your rooftop by converting it into an asset that produces clean energy for your property. (Sunlight) offers a variety of products and configurations to meet efficiency and ROI goals. Upon the initial site assessment, we take into account many factors such as shading, available space, and reflectivity to configure a custom solution.

Parking Lot Covers and Car Canopy Solar Systems

Solar canopies are a popular way to take advantage of parking and invest in solar power. Parking lot solar canopies are an excellent installation solution for malls, airports, hospitals, and other facilities with large parking areas. Not only will you generate green power, but your employees and customers will appreciate the shade to protect their vehicles. There are multiple types of configurations to maximize the light under the carport, as well as the look and feel. Gas stations can also use solar for the canopy over pumps.

Architectural Roof Awning Structure Solar Systems

Minimalist roof structures supported by a series of columns can provide an aesthetically pleasing solution that increases solar energy production while providing refuge from sunlight and rain alike. Can be an ideal solar application for bus stations, subway stops, an outdoor walkways, and pergolas. 

Solar Balcony Railings​

PV panel modules only being seen on house roofs or solar plants is now a thing of the past. Looking for vertical integration? A balcony railing made of solar panels (not only produces clean energy but) is a functional, efficient, and esthetically pleasing use of space. Can be used in high-rise apartment buildings. The application options are boundless; as long as the railing has access to sunlight, solar energy will be passively generated and supplied back to the structure.

Your Commercial Partner for Solar Energy Solutions

Sunlight delivers customized engineering, procurement and construction solutions that generate results in high-performing solar and energy storage projects. From initial site assessment through system engineering, drafting, procurement, installation, utility interconnection, and operational support, we proactively ensure successful implementation and long-term results.

Powering your business with solar has both environmental and financial benefits. Today’s solar technology is more efficient than ever, and many governments and utility initiatives are available to offset the cost of installation. Financing and third-party ownership options can be arranged as an alternative to an up-front purchase of the installation. Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) can bring you the benefits of solar without the cost of owning the system.

Are you interested in making your business go solar?

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