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Initial Solar Project Evaluation Process

Solar Project Investment
Phases For Developers

We structure projects so the risk is reduced and profits are increased for all stakeholders – the owner, the developer and the PPA counterparty. Sunlight offers multiple services to ensure your solar development project is successful and online quickly. Combined with strong partnership with Genie Energy and experience with project development, construction management financing, legal and tax structuring, underwriting, and operations minimizes your project risk and increases your profitability.

Sunlight acquires projects from solar developer companies at Pre-Notice to Proceed or at Notice to Proceed. We are able to fully monetize the investment tax credit and other tax benefits. Upon acquisition, our purchase price is paid out in a series of milestone payments. Our financing covers the EPC Costs, any construction loan fees, and the rest is kept by you as a “Developer Fee.”

If you need development help or simply project financing, we offer affordable and reliable assistance. Sunlight provides financing and purchases solar development projects at different phases depending on what conditions are met or in place.

Pre – Notice to Proceed – Sunlight Energy Investments can invest capital into early-stage solar development projects, provide financing for things such as paying site lease options, interconnection deposits, permit fees, and equipment deposits. but a project at the (“Pre-NTP“) stage must have a clear path to achieving NTP.

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Notice to Proceed (NTP)

Once a solar developer has a project at NTP, it opens a variety of financing options to build the project or they can sell the entitled project for a profit to an investor such as Sunlight. Typically a NTP project will have approvals on a number of entitlements.

How to Determine if Your Solar Project is Ready for Early Stage Development Capital?

If you are unsure if your project is in the Pre-NTP or NTP stage, simply contact Sunlight for a consultation and let’s set up a time to discuss your project.
To get started you simply enter into a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement with us and send your project to our team to review. Our team will quickly evaluate the info you provide us and ask for any additional materials necessary for project analysis. We’ll then let you know what type of Solar Project Investment we can offer.